The Flickering Light -- Handmade Candles

     The Flickering Light is a home based custom candle company. We make anything from small tarts for your Tart burner all the way up to pillar candles.  We been making candles for over 8 years. All scents are heavily scented. We also make non scented candles.    

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Its always fun to burn candles  BUT  you always have to consider about saftey.

 NEVER  burn candles around heating and A/C vents, this will cause the flame to burn off center.

 NEVER  burn candles under a ceiling fan also causes the flame to burn off center.

 Extinguish wick about 1/4 inch before the bottom.





Additional Candles

* Wooden Wick Candles up to 6 inches in lengths.

* Ice Candles

* If you have a container you would like to have a candle in let me know.

* Chunk Candles- Specify what scent for chunks.